We here, at The Weed Solution, want to promote this ancient plant and bring it’s uses back to all day life!

Plastic pollution, draughts, dying bees and melting ice caps are just a few major problems we have to deal with these days.
Slowly but steady we will have harvested this planet to exhaustion and what comes then?

There is a solution! We call it the Weed Solution because this Earth is full of plants who can help us! Weeds can provide food, fuel, medicine and raw material for loads of things.

But let’s have a closer look at one of these weeds, called HEMP!

Hemp is an ancient plant that has been cultivated for millennia. The Columbia History of the World (1996) states that weaving of hemp fiber began over 10,000 years ago! Carbon tests have suggested that the use of wild hemp dates as far back as 8000 B.C.

Cannabis Sativa, the latin word for the hemp plant, is mostly better known these days as the source of the recreational drug. This is due to a very aggressive smear campaign from the cotton and paper industry in the USA in the 1930s. These corporations saw hemp as a major competitor and started to demonize the hemp plant as an evil drug. Hemp was then finally made illegal in April 1937. (although the US military used hemp for their army supplies….)

It worked and it only took 50-70 years to forget the numerous benefits of the hemp plant!

Before hemp was made illegal, it was used worldwide for its fibres and it’s oils.

Hemp fibres were used for clothing, paper, building materials, livestock feed and bedding, just to name a few. The oil and seeds were used for food and fuel.

But why is hemp so much better?

Here are a few main pointers which make hemp so special:

The hemp plant grows in 100 days, so you can have 3 crops every year! It doesn’t need any herbicides or pesticides as the hemp plant is naturally resistant to most pests and other plants. It also needs about 50% less water than cotton and the harvest and the processing is far easier and quicker as well. Oh, and it grows nearly everywhere! In Kerry, for example where they use the hemp plant as a turnaround crop and the harvest for livestock bedding.

Hemp Seeds are a gift of nature. One of nature’s perfect foods – a Super Food. There is more Omega 3 and 6 in them than in fish oil. It’s full of unsaturated fats, Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, iron, zinc, carotene, phospholipids, phytosterols, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, chlorophyll, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and enzymes. (just to name a few….) Perfect to lower cholesterol and blood pressure, to stimulate the metabolism (weight loss!) and boost the immune system!

Hemp is a carbon negative plant! That means, that the hemp plant takes more carbon dioxide out of the air than is created by processing the plant.

So, we here at the WEED SOLUTION think it is time to spread the word and bring back hemp! We are sourcing the best hemp products available. We will only offer organic products which are manufactured under fair trade conditions and a low carbon footprint!

Check out our organic, fair trade products at: www.theweedsolution.ie.

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It is time to give back and the way to do this, is to work with mother nature and people all around the globe to leave this planet in a better state then we found it! Hemp can help with that! We can help with that!

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